January 4, 2011

"Most" Bistro

Run by the owners of Jelen (meaning "present" in Hungarian), Most ("now") was an excellent choice for us to meet for some drinks and a nearly four-hour long talk. They had cider (not the best I ever had, but still -- cider is rarely on the menu in Hungarian pubs), the service was excellent and they had a non-smoking (and non smoky) room. The furniture was pleasantly eclectic -- our table was an old sewing machine with a sheet of marble on the top. Although we just had some chips and salsa sauce, if we had wished to had a proper dinner, we could have chosen from a really appealing menu.

Unfortunately the wax from the candle drips directly to the smooth marble and well... I could not resist playing with it. I was caught by the waitress and commissioned to make a wax animal for the place. After 30 minutes of tireless work, I ended up with a nice looking (although admittedly highly abstract) wax frog. At first I was really pleased with the result -- but when I heard that an other guest was able to produce a swan, I became a bit disappointed.

My wax-scuplting skill seems to be in the need of improvement.